The Original Soundtrack is available for download (FREE) on

Viktor Engelmann, my first half hour film. Centered around a German butcher who’s house gets broken in to.

This film was a practice flick trying out certain things, writing dialogue and testing myself to make a film longer that 8 minutes. If you’re like me and like the end result share this badboy through all social media sites. I could really use the extra promotion and you could help.

If there is any effect you want explaining, drop it in the comment section or PM me. If there’s enough requests I’ll make tutorials using explanations and making of footage. (I’ve got lots).


All music* and sounds composed by ‘The Ninth Audio’ – Want me to score you a soundtrack for free? Write me. (I am quite busy and picky but you never know).

* All music apart from J. S. Bach – Brandenburg No4-1 (BWV1049). (Kevin MacLeod at Check out his stuff if you’re in dying need of quick, good, royalty free music).