Warme synthlijnen galmen door de straten van Groningen terwijl De Nachtwinkel zich klaar maakt. Poëtische teksten en melancholische gevoelens in deze intieme sessie op een dak uitkijkend over de Grote Markt.

Dames en heren.. De Nachtwinkel is geopend.






Euripides’ classic Greek tragedy- Medea, in a new adaptation by Ben Power, coming to the USVA theatre this June!

Abandoned by her husband, Medea, struggles to save herself and her two sons from exile and, in result, the shaming of her and her family’s name. Blinded by grief and heart-break, she plans a bloody revenge on Jason which she carries out with almost merciless determination.

Medea is a story that still remains disturbingly modern and familiar for its readers and audiences. Its questioning and discussion of the eternal problems linked of revenge, family, gender and fate, Medea remains as relevant to its modern audiences as it did thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece, leaving us questioning the real speed of development in our world.

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STILL (2017)

STILL, a one minute short horror film produced by THE NINTH. It’s been a while. Crank up the volume, sit back and enjoy!

Directed, shot and pieced together by: Willem Serné.

-Mathijs Kupers

FILMSTRO tracks used:
– Volcano
– Lion’s Lair

All sounds apart from the FILMSTRO tracks are recorded by THE NINTH AUDIO, some royalty free sounds taken from under a CC 0 license (Public Domain).

“No copyright infringements here!”

Awards won:
Honorable Mentions from:
Londen Short Film, 90 Second Horror Challenge 2017. (made it in to the top 5).
Film Riot, 1 minute film challenge 2017.

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Written, composed and performed by Standup ’69 Mixed by Bruno Vogel Mastered by Gert van Hoof Recording engineer: Rikke Korswagen

Video by Willem Serné (Willem Serné Images)

All Rights Reserved © Standup ’69, under exclusive license to Butler Records, a division of MoCD

Standup ’69 is: Emmy Kadee, Willem-Pieter Zoutendijk, Bruno Vogel