Promotional video by Look Sharp!, the Dutch number one Roxette Tribute Band.

International Bookings and management:
Cat International
Dini Maagdenberg: +31 (0)13 570 22 55

Video produced and directed by:
Willem Serné Images

Produced and mixed by:
Frans Vollink for Studio Het Atelier, Weiteveen

With thanks to: Soulbeat Media, GD Sound and the Hampshire Hotel, Emmen.

(c) 2015

This video contains some nifty effects and is therefore by far the most effect heavy video in my arsenal. Shooting, cutting and nerding it out in my studio to get the effects just right has been a blast!

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Willem Serné Images
Willem Serné – Ringmaster
Floris Houwing – Production Assistant
Annelyn Houwing – ‘Heart’ Designer

Special Thanks:
Juul Langenberg
Casper van Aggelen
Fam Houwing
Mattijs van Willigen
Ferdy Joosen
Pieter van der Moezel

Swamp Studio, Raamsdonk
Recorded & Mixed by Stephen van Haestregt
Assisting Engineer Lisanne van der Heijden
Mastering by Peer Rave, Custom Recording

No More Jack
Thomas van der Moezel – Lead Vocals, Rhythm guitar
Joey Baart – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tim Janssen – Bass Guitar
Pieter-Bas de Lange – Drums

Guest Musician Lisanne van der Heijden – Backing Vocals

© 2014 Willem Serné Images – No More Jack

The ANTI-D’s – Thrill of Curiosity (Early 2014)
‘Thrill of curiosity‘ tells the story of a girl that loses herself in search for a better life. She leaves everything behind and gets sucked up by the nightlife of drugs, sex and alcohol.
I took to story and slapped an image to it in this official music video.

Directed by Willem Serné
‘Willem Serné Images‘
Production Assistant: Floris Houwing

Daniella Chasseur
Daan Wiggemans

The Anti-D’s – Thrill of Curiosity
Recorded and Mixed by Floris Glasbeek
‘Limbo Studio’s‘
Mastered by Peter Brussee