STILL, a one minute short horror film produced by THE NINTH. It’s been a while. Crank up the volume, sit back and enjoy!

Directed, shot and pieced together by: Willem Serné.

-Mathijs Kupers

FILMSTRO tracks used:
– Volcano
– Lion’s Lair

All sounds apart from the FILMSTRO tracks are recorded by THE NINTH AUDIO, some royalty free sounds taken from under a CC 0 license (Public Domain).

“No copyright infringements here!”

Awards won:
Honorable Mentions from:
Londen Short Film, 90 Second Horror Challenge 2017. (made it in to the top 5).
Film Riot, 1 minute film challenge 2017.

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Written, composed and performed by Standup ’69 Mixed by Bruno Vogel Mastered by Gert van Hoof Recording engineer: Rikke Korswagen

Video by Willem Serné (Willem Serné Images)

All Rights Reserved © Standup ’69, under exclusive license to Butler Records, a division of MoCD

Standup ’69 is: Emmy Kadee, Willem-Pieter Zoutendijk, Bruno Vogel

Single on iTunes and Amazon.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the families of gun violence victims.

Directed by Willem Serné
Remix and new instrumentation by Pete Mills
Recorded by Milan Ciric
Guitars: Gijs van Veldhuizen
Back vox, piano and drum: Potman Jr
Dancer: Alexander Herdt
Lead Actor: James Lyon
Written and performed by: Jaclyn Bradley Palmer
Filmed at: Lola 050


LATE 2017