Mogulween Leader – ReAnimated (2013)

Mogulween is a yearly event on YouTube’s Indy Mogul.
During the whole month of october, IndyMogul publishes their content in a Halloween theme.

I designed and animated the 2013 Mogulween leader.
The leader is basically a replica of their original non festive themed intro.
To Halloween-ify the whole thing, I had to replicate and rebuild their existing leader from scratch.

The animation consists of different self drawn images of a pumpkin, dead trees, a cat, a rat, a few bats and a ‘hidden’ owl. All designed on an Ipad. The logo and ‘Happy Mogulween’ bar were also self drawn, this time in Adobe’s Photoshop. The eventual re-animation was done in Adobe’s After Effects. I tried to mimic the original motions the best I could.

Audiowise I recorded my own voice saying ‘Mogulween’ using GarageBand.. Then manipulated the audio file to become a bit spookier, almost ‘zombie’ like. I composed the rest of the audio using Propellerhead’s Reason. Once thrown on the Premiere timeline I reversed a few layers and added some reverb.

Not only was the leader used.. A still from the leader was also displayed behind both Indy Mogul presenters during the shows.
Griffin and Russel Mogulween

Anyway, without further ado,

Here’s the Mogulween 2013 leader.