Courtesy of Still Image Productions.

I was asked by Still Image to help with the video graphics for their ‘So Called Celeste’ rockumentary. In this documentary they follow the band ‘So Called Celeste’ through three countries where they where playing live gigs.

My job was to design and animate ‘Snatch-like’ intro graphics, lower thirds and overal design elements to tie the whole thing together.

Right. The Snatch intro’s.

Still Image wanted the band members to be highlighted individually. “Like the intro to the film Snatch”.
As inspiration I studied and analysed the following video:

Raw Elements Step by Step

Step 1. The raw, to be edited image.

Step 2. Snatch-i-fy it in PhotoShop

Step 3. Name tags in PhotoShop

Step 4. Combine them all in AE and give it some much desired motion.

In total I made six different versions like this. Each one for a different band member.

Other than the intro animations I also designed the lower thirds in this product and the intro animations depicting the three locations where the band toured through.

This one was for when they went to Norway:

(I also made two others like this for Italy and France, both with their own iconic figure at the top). 

I hand drew the viking using an iPad.
Raw Viking drawing: